2B's Homework Board

  • June 4, 2019

    Welcome to George Washington School!

    *Homework wil be given each night except Friday.

    *Please clean out your child's folder and check their assignment pad every night.

    *Scholastic book ordes will be given out each month.


    Field Day is this Friday! Wear your team colors!




    Read for 20 minutes. Choose 1 or 2 questions to answer. Bring your log back each day!



    Monday-Sort words, write in columns, trace vowels in red, consonants in blue. Do NOT paste words.

    Tuesday-Sort words. Choose 8 to write and draw.

    Wednesday-Sort words. Choose 5 words to use in a sentence. Each sentnece must include at least 7 words

    Thursday- Have someone give you a practice test in your notebook. STUDY for test.

    Friday will be the test in class!


    MATH 207-208