• The Edgewater Board of Education held three Strategic Planning meetings in March 2019 to craft a vision and goals for Edgewater School District for the next five years. Over 75 members of the Edgewater community attended these meetings, including teachers, parents, Board members, school administration, the Mayor and members of the town boards, police and fire officials, and members of the Edgewater Arts Council and Historical Committee. 


    Letter to Participants from the District Superintendent, Dr. Kerry Postma:

    I wish to thank all participants for your time and efforts. Your input has been instrumental in shaping a five-year vision for our schools, which will serve as the foundation for the district's forthcoming action plan. The NJSBA will present a final report of the strategic planning process at the July 11, 2019 Edgewater Board of Education meeting held at 7:30pm at the Eleanor Van Gelder School. Our district administration has been tasked with developing a concrete action plan in the coming months that outlines steps and timelines for achieving the goals and objectives set forth in the Strategic Plan.  This action plan will be posted on our website in the fall of 2019 at www.edgewaterschools.org. Thank you again for your valuable contribution to the Edgewater School District.  We look forward to continued partnership with each of you as we move forward in providing outstanding educational experiences for the children of Edgewater.