• Welcome to George Washington School!

    GW provides an optimal learning environment for Edgewater’s Pre-k 3 and 4, Kindergarten, first and second grade students to begin their educational careers.  Our teaching staff utilize our district academic programs to deliver the New Jersey Student Learning Standards, while differentiating and individualizing learning on a regular basis.  We are fortunate to work and learn every day in a beautiful six year-old building that has the space and resources that students need to succeed.  While a great focus is placed on academics, equally important is the social development of students at this young age.  Students must learn self-sufficiency and love of learning while in the primary years, so that it can carry over to their later schooling. 

    We appreciate very much the support of our PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) that assists our students as well. They have been so active in providing our students with materials and activities they wouldn't have been able to access without the presence of the PTO, including author visits, technology equipment, physical education equipment, and assemblies.  They also help with volunteers for activities such as Field Day and after school events, like Family Bingo.  

    As parents, your job is to put your child in the best position to learn each and every day.  We ask that you pay close attention to your child's attendance and tardiness, minimizing both whenever possible.  Students who are in school on time each day develop better learning habits, respect for their teachers and peers, and have a far better chance of social growth.  

    I run a building tour once a month, including the summers.  I invite you to call the main office and reserve a spot on one of the tours to learn more about the school building and the academic program.  

    I look forward to working with you to make your child’s days at GW successful and a great springboard to future learning! 


    Chris Kirkby – GW Principal