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    Welcome to the Eleanor Van Gelder School! 
    Through this page you will find many helpful resources such as school health policies, requirements, forms, and general information which we will try to update regularly. If you have any suggestions, questions, and/ or concerns you can contact us at the school via email or phone at: bdiamond@edgewaterschools.org 201-945-4106 ext. 2209 - School Nurse or jpalermo@edgewaterschools.org 201-945-4106 ext. 2217- Nurse's Aide

    Here's to a successful and healthy 2017 - 2018 school year! 

    Brenda Diamond, RN,CSN
    School Nurse 
    Jacky Palermo,
    Nurse's Aide

    Health Office Fax Number :201-313-7095

     If at any time during the school year your child's physician recommends any physical restrictions PLEASE inform the nurse immediately.

    Breakfast- Let's get off to an energetic start each morning by eating a healthy breakfast each and every morning, either at home or by making arrangements to obtain breakfast in school.  Research shows children perform better in school with a nutritious start to their day. Studies also indicate that 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated with it being the #1 trigger of daytime fatigue and constipation causing tummy aches.     
    SAFETY FIRST!--Please send your child to school EVERY DAY wearing socks & sneakersespecially on GYM days!  (please avoid sandals and high heeled shoes of any kind.)