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    Welcome to ESL at GW School   
             I teach English as a Second Language classes at GW. In ESL, instruction will be tailored to each student’s strengths and language learning proficiency. I will make content areas comprehensible for ESL students as well as focus on listening, speaking, reading and writing in English every day. I work closely with students’ mainstream teachers in order to ensure reinforcement and extension of concepts taught in their classes. My goal is to give each student enough language support so that they are able to speak, listen, read and write on the level of a native English speaker. I teach ESL students to appreciate diversity. In ESL, students will learn not only about American Culture but about other cultures around the world including their own. Your children will have countless opportunities to be successful in the warm, inviting environment I will provide for them. Please contact me with any questions at dlodolce@edgewaterschools.org. 
    ~Mrs. LoDolce