Dear First Grader and Family,
    Welcome to 1J! We are going to have a great year together. My name is Amanda Jaggi and I have been teaching first grade in Edgewater for 16 years! In all I have about 19 years of teaching experience along with my MS in Literacy and my BA in Art History.  I love teaching and come from a long line of educators. Over the year you learn how to be a better reader, writer, and how to be a better friend and part of your community. You will also learn all about me and my family.  Below you can see some pictures of the people and animals I spend my time with when I am not at school.  I can't wait to learn all about you and your families, too.  
    See you soon!
    Ms. Jaggi 
    This is the Jaggi 4 on vacation. We love the beach!
    Here is Jesse. He loves Pokemon, Dogman books, and bugging his brother Jamie. 

    Meet Jamie (we call him Jamo). He loves Ninjago, building Lego and shooting hoops. 
    me and mishi    
    This is me and my husband Mish.  
    We love hanging out together and listening to music. 
    yogi     pips
    This is Yogi.  She is the sweetest dog EVER! She's going a litte gray becuase she is 10 years old. 
    This is Pickles. We call her pips. She's at least 16 years old!