*Sept., 12

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       * Welcome Back to School 

    *Monday, September 30th

    No School, Religious Observance

     * There are 2 active links on my homework board. One is for RAZ Kids and the other for Xtra Math.  Happy reading and computing. 

      If there are any changes in dismissal, please call the main office or email me as soon as possible.  
    Our Weekly Specials
    Monday- Gym
    Tuesday - Gym
     Wednesday - Gym
    Wednesday - Library/Media
    Thursday - Music
    Friday - Art


     * Reading Response-Please answer a response question each night.                    


    Word Study

    Our Weeky Routines
    Monday - Alphabetical Order skills sheet
    Tuesday - In your word study notebook, rewrite your word list, trace the vowels in red and the consonants in blue
    Wednesday - In your word study notebook, choose 5 words to write in sentences (each sentence must include at least 8 words)
    Thursday - In your word study notebook, write each word 3 times each
    Friday - In class assessment (Test)





    Social Studies

     Please review: Information You Must Know... study guide.  I will be giving assessments on this information twice a month, 


    Social Studies Quiz


    What is the name of our town?     ______Edgewater______

     What is the name of our state?      __New Jersey_________

     In which city is our state capital located?   Trenton___

     What is the name of our country? United States of   America

     In which continent do we live?     North America__

     Who is the President of our country?  _Donald Trump

     Who is the Vice President of our country?    _Mike Pence

     List the 7 continents:             1.     Antarctica_____

     2.     Australia                        3.      Asia______________    

     4.     Africa______________ 5.     Europe____________

     6.     North America________7.     South America______


    What is your address?    Example

                              Mrs. Moraitis
                              801 Undercliff Ave.
                              Edgewater, NJ 07020 







    We are learning spanish numbers 0-20, basic greetings, colors, classroom objects, and days of the week