If you choose to send snacks to school for your child's birthday or another special event, please consult our list of approved healthy snack items below. Items not on the list (such as sugary foods/drinks or foods containing nuts) are not allowed in school. Thanks for understanding as we work to keep your children healthy and safe!


  1. Low fat yogurt

  2. Fruit (fresh, canned in its own juice, or dried)

  3. Vegetable Sticks (alone or with low fat dip)

  4. Granola or Whole Grain Cereal Bars (without nuts)

  5. Whole grain cereal

  6. Whole grain crackers (with cheese)

  7. Pretzels

  8. Popcorn (air popped or light butter)

  9. Rice cakes

  10. Graham crackers, gingersnaps, animal crackers, fig cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies

  11. Blueberry muffins

  12. Low fat pudding


  1. Water

  2. Low fat or skim milk

  3. Soy milk

  4. 100% fruit juice

Candy, donuts, cakes and cupcakes are not allowed, nor any food with sugar as the first ingredient. Goodie bags with food are not permitted; if a goodie bags are distributed, please fill them with a pencil, a bookmark, a highlighter, or other literacy tools.