Mission Statement and District Level Goals

Edgewater School District

Mission Statement

The Edgewater School District, a culturally rich community, fosters academic achievement, social-emotional growth, and intellectual curiosity, preparing our students for lifelong learning and future success.

Edgewater School District

District Level Goals


1. Build capacity of all staff to set high instructional outcomes in mathematics. This will allow for comprehensive and strategic use of data that will foster:

a. Differentiated instruction to best meet the needs of students and staff.

b. Challenge students to justify thinking by ensuring that learning tasks and activities are aligned with instructional outcomes.

c. Utilize the new math program as a tool for the delivery of instruction.

2. Improve district-wide social-emotional learning by successfully implementing practices that focus on nurturing and building the social emotional growth and competence of adults and students in our buildings.

3. Advance the work of inclusivity and equity throughout the district. Expand institutional awareness by incorporating content and methodologies that promote justice and equity for all into the school curriculum.

4. District will develop a strategic response to assessing and developing appropriate interventions for students when they return to close the achievement gaps.

5. District will complete re-registration of all students in grades pre-k through twelve to ensure appropriate use of funding for the students of Edgewater.

PDF of these goals can be found HERE

Action plan for district level goals can be found HERE