Mission Statement and District Level Goals

Edgewater School District

Mission Statement

The Edgewater School District, a culturally rich community, fosters academic achievement, social-emotional growth, and intellectual curiosity, preparing our students for lifelong learning and future success.

Edgewater School District

District Level Goals


1. Build capacity of staff to strategically analyze and disaggregate data to best inform instruction.

2. Create and implement high-quality Student Growth Objectives (SGOs).

3. Build the capacity of teachers to continue to develop support as related to social and emotional competencies.

4. Teachers and staff will advance the work of diversity, equity, and inclusivity throughout the education process, including but not limited to incorporating content and methodology that promotes justice and equity.

5. Build the capacity of staff in areas mandated by law (e.g., HIB, suicide, child abuse, neglect, health issues, administrative, legal training, restraint training, mentoring, communicable diseases, etc.), with the use of Vector Training.